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Fine Dining is Made for the Masses at Chefs Club Counter and Beyond

Fine Dining is Made for the Masses at Chefs Club Counter and Beyond

Fast food seems like a bad combination these days. The new combo? Fast casual. Enter an even newer concept: Fine dining fare in a pop-u... READ MORE

Trend-O-Meter Says: Guinea Hen Takes Flight

"Like chicken with taste" is the way Rheal Cayer of specialty poultry supplier Grimauld Farms describes guinea fowl, a game bird native to Africa we're seeing with increasing frequency on restaurant menus. In San Francisco, we've munched guinea hen "hot pockets" (turnovers) at Teague Moriarty and Matt McNamara's Sweet Woodruff. Across the bay in Oakland, we loved a recent special of guinea hen in spicy Thai red curry at James Syhabout's Hawker Fare. Also in Oakland, Oliveto chef Jonah Rhodehamel was offering a guinea hen special in March, a breast stuffed with the bird's leg, dried cherries, and sage sausage, roasted in its own skin and served with a brandy and duck liver sauce. Oliveto's guinea hens, by the way, were from a flock the restaurant received after the birds did some insect-control work at a Napa winery. READ MORE

Trend-O-Meter Says: Give Me Some Tongue!

Used to be that if you ate beef tongue at all—in deli sandwiches or lengua tacos from a truck—it was because it was cheap. But lately, chefs in upscale restaurants across America's cities have reconsidered tongue, putting its velvet texture and concentrated beef flavor to work in a variety of dishes. READ MORE

Hibiscus Is In

Hibiscus has a beautiful color and a fruity/floral flavor with an addictive bitter edge, much like a cranberry. As befits its traditional use as a cooling beverage, it's usually found in iced tea, punch, or Mexican aguas frescas. But it's been creeping onto cocktail menus too, like at Manhattan's Apothéke, which serves a Five Points with hibiscus, bitters, grape juice, and sugarcane-infused rum, and at D.C.'s Café Atlántico, where the Old Man & the Sea blends hibiscus-infused rum with lime and is served with um, hibiscus air. Look, I didn't write the cocktail menu. READ MORE

Literally Hot Trend: Chefs Putting Ash on Food

Ashes from burnt food, wood, or hay are being put on food (and food is being cooked directly in hot ashes) at upscale restaurants around the country, but this trend is not some last-ditch attempt to salvage burnt food. The chefs who are using it—mostly inspired by René Redzepi of Denmark's Noma (a.k.a. "the best restaurant in the world")—say it adds bitter and smoky flavors to their dishes. READ MORE

The Best 2010 Food Trends Report Ever

The Best 2010 Food Trends Report Ever

What’s hot, what’s not, and what’s next READ MORE

Designer Milk: The New “It” Food

Designer Milk: The New “It” Food

Bao buns. Tiki drinks. Red velvet cake doughnuts. Milk. Milk? Yeah, you heard right. The second most elemental beverage known to man—that thing that formerly only kids drank—has taken a star turn. Suddenly, milk is an "it" food. READ MORE

Hot New Trend: Vegetable MRIs?

Get inside your food. READ MORE

Bone Marrow Pizza Is In

Or, The Melting Pool of Fatty Richness. READ MORE

Popsicles Are In

And they're weird READ MORE