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Brazilian Snacks, All the Time! And Cashew Juice!

Most of the time, Sabor Brazil is a combination grocery store and coffee house, with fresh Brazilian juices, snacks, and bakery items. The cafe part is cheery and sunny. READ MORE


There’s darn good sushi at Kitsho, says Porthos. It loses some points for rice quality and for the commercial wasabi-from-a-tube, but compensates with extremely fresh and delicious fish, and a nice selection of imported fishes. READ MORE

Nha Toi

Nha Toi makes simple, homey northern Vietnamese food. READ MORE

The Brazilian Burger with More in it Than You Could Possibly Imagine

San Francisco Pizza serves an x-tudo (Brazilian burger) which is very good, and very, very, very large. READ MORE

Green Waffles

Pandan is a tropical shrub. The juice from the plant is light green in color (from chlorophyll) and subtly delicious. READ MORE