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Gutsy Sichuan Quality

Little Sichuan closed, and is reincarnated in the form of Classic Sichuan. It’s awesome—as long as you stay on the Sichuan menu and avoid the standard fare from the regular menu. READ MORE

House of the Blessed Pupusa

There is a store in San Pablo that sells holy pupusas. It started with somebody selling pupusas out of their home on a Sunday. Now it’s a semi-restaurant on Sundays at lunch. READ MORE

Stunning Olive Baguette Showing Up Everywhere

The Phoenix Pastificio makes an utterly stunning olive baguette. So good that it almost never survives the car ride home. It’s packed with the best olives that gordon wing has ever tasted in an olive bread. READ MORE

Moroccan Teas

Café Ya-Bon has all the standard café fare—lattes and mochas and whatnot—but if you pay close attention, you’ll see a little Moroccan sparkle in the menu. READ MORE

A Great Clam Pie, and a Great Cream Pizza

Pane was hanging out at the counter bar at Pizzeria Delina when he stumbled across a great clam pizza. READ MORE

Hanging Out and Scarfing Oysters

Go to Tomales Bay Oyster Company. Buy bags of oysters from them. Then go outside to their picnic tables and chow down. READ MORE

Best. Dim. Sum. Ever.

There’s no décor. There’s no service. You have to grab a menu and seat yourself, squeezing into gigantic tables with other eaters. And yet: Dol Ho is the single greatest dim sum ever. READ MORE

An Exceptionally Large Burrito

gordon wing is impressed with the majestically huge burrito from Hacienda Grill. It’s stuffed with carne asada, rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and salsa. READ MORE

A Very Good Mexican Bakery in Sonoma

Pasteleria La Mixteca is a very, very good Mexican bakery. There’s product coming out of the oven all day long. READ MORE

As Close to Singapore as You Can Get in the Bay Area

The most authentic (whatever that means) Singaporean food you can get out here is at Old Town Singapore Café. Their Hainanese chicken rice is excellent. READ MORE