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Snuggly Yucca Balls

Fantastic food, friendly service, and a wonderfully snuggly atmosphere at Mochica. READ MORE

Beyond the Hot Pot

Further Chowhound inquiry has revealed Zone 88’s cooking to be excellent all around. READ MORE

Mossy-Textured Tofu and Greens Salad

New Shanghainese restaurant Flying Pan Bistro’s aster salad is “probably the best version of this disgustingly healthy dish,” says one hound. READ MORE

A Superb Ginseng Game Hen Soup

Myung Dong Tofu Cabin’s soup is full of pure, intense poultry and ginseng flavors. READ MORE

New Hue-Style Vietnamese in Oakland

After only a few weeks, there’s already a big line at lunch at Kim Huong. READ MORE

You Have to Try These Pupusas

At Pupuseria El Capulin, the pupusas are made fresh to order, chewy and crispy in the shell, with beautifully blended fillings. READ MORE

Better than the Fatted Calf?!?!

Columbus Salame’s crespone and toma surpass the Fatted Calf’s charcuterie. READ MORE

Hard-core Thai Boat Noodle Quest

Boat noodle is a Thai specialty not for the easily frightened, a soup that’s deeply beefy and funky. READ MORE

Almond Croissant Taste Test

Some of our dedicated Chowhounds hit up every pastry joint they could find in search of the best almond croissant in the Bay Area. READ MORE

South Italian Pastries, a Hidden Wonder

Sfoglia is packed full of Southern Italian gems—cannolis, tarts, pizzettas, and more. READ MORE