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Primal Smear

Berkeley Bagel sells a good water-boiled bagel, with a satisfying chew and a nice skin. READ MORE

The Truly Massive Insider’s Guide to the Cheeseboard

A lovely platter of choice Berkeley Cheeseboard Collective advice. READ MORE

New Szechuan Gloriousness

The spicy flames of Panda Country Kitchen. READ MORE

The Last Real Diner

Tennessee Grill may be the last of its kind in San Francisco. READ MORE

A Large Halo of Crisp Cheese

Introducing … the fried Squeezeburger. READ MORE

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Pho Ga

Chinese chicken soup, with fresh rice noodles. READ MORE

Mariquita’s Mystery Box

Lacinato kale, French fingerling potatoes, heirloom butternut squash, Jerusalem artichokes. READ MORE


Latin American fusion, with a touch of Turkish. READ MORE

Let Your Taxi Driver Tip You

Getting some sweet tamale leads. READ MORE

A Towering Bowl of Matcha Shaved Ice

It comes ujikintoki style, which means there’s a dollop of red bean paste on it. READ MORE