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On Benchmark Wine Prices

warrenr offers good advice on figuring out the wine pricing structure of various restaurants: don’t use benchmark wine prices. READ MORE

Manzanilla Sherries

Manzanilla sherries are gossamer-light. Each has a unique character that comes partially from place of origin, and partially from the thick layer of flor yeast that blankets the wine during fermentation, protecting it from oxidization. Fino and amontillad READ MORE

Trader Joe’s Chocolate for Baking

Chowhounds generally agree that Trader Joe’s “Pound Plus” (500g) 70% Belgian bittersweet chocolate bars work very well for baking (not to mention nibbling!). READ MORE

Candied Salami

Diane in Bexley has invented a unique sweet-and-sour candied salami appetizer. READ MORE

Think Outside the Bubble: Pearl Tea Discovery at Taco Bell

Near Flushing’s Chinatown, there’s a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut outlet where you find tapioca tea drinks. READ MORE

Daphne’s New Digs and Other New York News

Daphne’s Caribbean Express has traded its lived-in, cafeteria-like room for fancy new digs a few doors east. READ MORE

Hot To Trot – Pigs’ Feet in All Their Glory

If it’s pigs’ feet you want, doughnut highly recommends this place. READ MORE

A Tasty Deal for Chinese Food

Tasty Express is hard to find even if you know the address. READ MORE

Lavender Ice Cream

The Spring Hills Farm booth at the Saturday Petaluma farmer’s market currently sells organic lavender ice cream, READ MORE

Super Bean Thread Noodle Action!

Tai-pi-en is a Japanese-Chinese is a chicken broth soup noodle with clear bean thread noodles (called haru-same). READ MORE