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Baked Chip Tips

While many baked potato chips fall flat in the taste department, Kettle Foods baked chips are very crispy, with a good snap, unlike the Lay’s-style baked chips, says DivaMac. They’re actually ma READ MORE

One-Pot Meals

Sometimes you have to make a whole meal in one pot. Here are a few chowhounds’ go-to recipes for those times. ... READ MORE

Local Farming 101

The choice between organic produce that has to travel great distances to market versus locally grown traditional produce can baffle even the most educated enviro-conscious Chowhound. ... READ MORE

Freezer, Filled

A restaurant career is filled with downsides—lousy pay, grueling labor, ugly pants. Personal chefs cook, yet avoid the pants. Here’s how. READ MORE

Jive Tribal … but Great Buffet

The cafeteria at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, a.k.a. Mitsitam Café, seems enticing. READ MORE

Things to Do with Stale Bread

Ten uses for an old loaf of bread, from thickening gazpacho to soaking up the Grand Marnier in grown-up French toast READ MORE

Your Dog, the Gourmet

If your dog has such a great sense of smell, why is he eating your old socks? READ MORE

Three Times an Entrée

Double entendres aside, three-ways have been offered up since the Yuan dynasty. READ MORE

What’s That White Stuff on Grapes?

Is it pesticide? Yeast? Unidentified gross substance? READ MORE

Something More Than Crappy Pilsner

Paul Blow

While there is no brand of American pilsner distributed nationally, several excellent examples have popped up on the micro and regional levels. READ MORE