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Korean Food Translation Guide

This primer, from our collected wisdom, will get you started: Bap: cooked rice, the main course. Panchan: the many tiny pickled dishes that accompany the meal. Kimchi: the central panchan, ferme READ MORE

Where Does the Thermometer Go in My Bird?

When using an instant-read or probe thermometer to check for doneness when you’re roasting a chicken or turkey, it’s important that the thermometer not touch bone. Bone will give you a false reading. ... READ MORE

Jerusalem Artichokes: Not Israeli, Not an Artichoke, but Good Eating

Jerusalem artichokes, also called sunchokes, are the mild-flavored root of a particular type of sunflower. They’re crunchy and good raw in salads, sliced very thin or grated. They’re also good roasted or mashed in combination with other root veggies like READ MORE

Thanksgiving, Southern Style

All the good stuff, plus how to fry a turkey without burning down the house. READ MORE

Just One Instrument in the Orchestra

Tagging in at what may be the tail end of the umami craze, this quarter’s edition of The Art of Eating presents “A Taste by Any Other Name.” READ MORE

I Heart Chattanooga

Energized from yesterday’s change of heart, I kicked into high gear. Today was quite a ride. I can’t believe I did all the following in one day … but I did. It’s a testament to the chowconnaissance strategy of taking only tiny bites, painful though it i READ MORE

Great Moments in Beef

From cave paintings to burgers, beef has long been a part of human history. READ MORE

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Don’t mess with Texas—not when their state fair’s just figured out a way to deep-fry Coca-Cola. READ MORE

Great Grater, and Now Greater Graters

Microplane changed cheese graters forever. It just keeps getting better. READ MORE

The Sweet Fruits of a Bitter Divorce

As if trying to atone for running hardcore food porn, the October Gourmet also ran a thoughtful piece on the split between Taiwanese and mainland Chinese cuisine. READ MORE