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Alert for Southland Southern Bakers

Southern bakers take note, at least one 99 Cent store carries Martha White self-rising cornmeal–THE standard ingredient in cornbread in Tennessee and most of the Southeast. READ MORE

Homemade Irish Cream

It’s easy to replicate the popular flavor of Bailey’s Irish Cream at home for a fraction of the cost. READ MORE

Russian Tea with Vodka and Hot Rum Cows for Cold Winter Nights

kittyfood learned this recipe from a Russian instructor several decades ago. READ MORE

Salt Caramels

A hit of good salt will round out the buttery sweetness of caramel; hence, the genius of salt caramels! READ MORE


In the “old days”, buttermilk was the liquid left over from churning the butter. Lovely stuff it was, with flecks of butter floating around in it. READ MORE

The Clone Wars

The FDA tentatively approves meat and dairy from cloned animals. Yum! READ MORE

‘Nighty Nightmare

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares might be hopping across the pond. READ MORE

Cutting the Cheese, Gourmet Style

This month’s Gourmet features what may be the most outrageous cooking-related knickknack in the history of cooking-related knickknacks. READ MORE

Riddle Me This, Batman

Can a stone-cold beer lover be happy among all the bubbly drinkers on New Year’s Eve? He can if he gets his mitts on a new brew made using méthode champenoise. READ MORE

Good Feats

Alton Brown shows what a class act he is by supporting a charity that provides animals to the needy. READ MORE