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Worst-Case Scenario Chorizo

rworange has made a project out of tasting the house-made chorizo of Mexican markets in the Bay Area. Overall, her results are positive–the spicy sausages are generally great, with strong notes of vinegar, chile, and herbs, and lots of variation from READ MORE

Tuscan Truffled Pecorino from Pennsylvania Macaroni Company

The Pennsylvania Macaroni Company in Pittsburgh makes a pecorino cheese with chunks of both black and white truffles inside. mhoffman loves this cheese–it’s less salty than many pecorinos, and every sliver fills y READ MORE

Lithuanian Bacon Buns

How irresistible does a warm globe of dough filled with bits of fried bacon, ham, and onion sound? Bacon buns are a deeply traditional Lithuanian goodie, but they’re easy to whip up for the average American. This recipe may read long, but litchick, swea READ MORE

Sweet and Savory and Wonderful: Apple Cranberry Chutney

This is apple-cranberry chutney is much more than the sum of it’s parts, says prunefeet. The combination of sweet and savory is really wonderful. ... READ MORE

Next Up: A Robot That Powers Itself by Eating Kittens

Terrified by robots? If so, please don’t read the Wired blog entry about robots identifying human flesh as delicious bacon. READ MORE

Have a Barbera

Paul Blow

The over-planted Italian everyday wine gets refined. READ MORE

Bite the Antenna

Wires and spikes make up modern serviceware from Crucial Detail. READ MORE

Battle Foie Gras Is On

Take two food bloggers, give them each a free hunk of foie gras, and what do you get? An online cooking competition where they try to outdo each other in making the best Thomas Keller-style torchon. READ MORE

Not Krispy Kreme Christianity

In Santa Clara County, churches are helping their congregants save their bodies as well as their souls. READ MORE

Rise and Shine

Fabulous bread without kneading? Mark “The Minimalist” Bittman says his new method is foolproof and fantastic, but does it really work? READ MORE