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Masterly Italian, Both Homey and Haute, at L’Orcio

The sublime Italian cooking at L’Orcio is worth a special trip to New Haven from just about anywhere, declares Jim Leff. READ MORE

Le Petit Marche: Crowd-Pleasing Bistro in Brooklyn Heights

Nicely executed bistro standards—and, let’s face it, weak neighborhood competition—have made Le Petit Marche an instant hit in Brooklyn Heights. READ MORE

The Stoned Crow: New Burger Contender in the Village

At the Stoned Crow, the main attractions have been beer and pool, not chow. But that’s changed with the arrival of a cook from Corner Bistro, home of one of New York’s best-loved hamburgers. READ MORE

Hot Chocolate Around Brooklyn

Verandah Place Deli starts with Valrhona chocolate and froths it up with whole milk. The resulting hot chocolate is thick, delicious, not too sweet, and not paralyzingly rich, like some other versions around town. READ MORE

Secondhand Barbecue Smoke

Can vegetarians demand meat-free environments? READ MORE

Bring It On

How to get the VIP treatment without being a VIP. One NY chef spills the beans. READ MORE

McDonald’s Gets All McFancy On Our Asses

According to a story in the Orlando Sentinel, a national interior design makeover of McDonald’s restaurants is paying off. READ MORE

Seeds for the Post-Apocalyptic World

Construction begins this month on a Norwegian “doomsday” vault that will house seeds from all known food crops throughout the world, in an effort to protect the future of agriculture from catastrophe. READ MORE

Jamon, Jamon

Despite excruciating delays, Spain’s Iberico ham is poised to arrive in the U.S. No, really, this time we mean it! READ MORE

A Slice of the Past at Gustosa

The old-fashioned slice at Gustosa Pizza is a ticket back to a sweet and sunny past for hounds of a certain age. READ MORE