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Instagram is a great place to find ideas for home organization. There’s no shortage of pantry organizing photos to use as inspiration for whipping your own pantry into shape.

While not everyone wants to go all in on labeled glass jars, there are some helpful takeaways that can be put to work in any pantry. For example, using baskets to contain large collections, increasing visibility with risers and lighting, or thinking outside the pantry to use cabinets or drawers for food storage.

Want to check out some #pantrygoals? These 12 photos offer inspirational, but attainable pantry organization ideas.

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Add a Lazy Susan

Everything is easier to access when you can spin it around. Lesser-used items that might otherwise get buried in the back can be easily rediscovered on a spinning lazy Susan.

mDesign Lazy Susan, $14.99 on Amazon

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Make Staples Unified

Pantry Tetris isn’t a fun game. Using similarly sized labeled glass jars can make it easier for you to fit more of what you use most in your pantry. Plus, see-through jars make it easy to identify what’s inside even without labels.

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Contain Collections with Baskets

Baskets are a classic organizing solution, and they can be useful in pantries, too. Corral large produce collections such as apples and potatoes and keep canned goods, baking supplies, and snacks all in handy, but separate, baskets.

Stackable Wire Baskets with Handles and Label Holders, 2 for $22.97 on Amazon

Pretty neat.
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Increase Usable Space with Drawers

Deep pantries mean some foods end up pushed to the back and sometimes forgotten. But if you install drawers? It’s much easier to pull them out and see the full selection.

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Use Risers for Better Visibility

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Pantry by @thehomeedit 🥂💕

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Make it easy to see items in the back with stacked risers, which allow you to place items like cans or spices behind each other without losing visibility. Just be careful in how you stack them, as putting tall items up front can defeat the purpose.

Copco Non-Skid 3-Tier Kitchen Cabinet Organizer (15-Inch), $8.99 on Amazon

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Use Clear Storage

Clear storage makes it easier to keep like items together and know at a glance what’s in your pantry. It also offers a much less cluttered look than boxes or bags, and can add structure to items that would otherwise need to lay flat, like bags of beans and rice.

OXO Good Grips 5-Piece POP Container Set, $49.95 on Amazon

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Put Herbs and Spices in Glass Jars

Herbs and spices may be easier to find if they’re in glass jars. Just don’t forget to label them so you know what you’re working with. And of course, make sure storage containers are airtight so they stay fresh.

Airtight Spice Jars with Hinged Lids (Set of 12), $17.99 on Amazon

Ensure your spices stay fresh and organized.
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Turn Cabinets into Pantries

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A year ago, I posted this cabinet as my cabinet pantry. <Swipe right to see the BEFORE pic.>. During this quarantine, I have made a few adjustment to my kitchen pantry. <See previous post about my new pantry organization.>. Fast forward to TODAY, and now I am using this cabinet to house all my baking supplies. I am using a variety of @oxo pop containers in different sizes @bedbathandbeyond . The @homedepotcanada grey cabinet shelves are deep enough to hold 10 square 0.9 quart oxo containers on the shelf, and 2 0.5 quart rectangle oxo containers on the second shelf. On the bottom shelf I am able to hold 3 2.3 qt (long square container)oxo container and 2 4.4 qt container (large square container) to organize my flours and pasta. I even have enough space to add in 3.4 qt cereal container. This just proves that cabinet pantry can look just as pretty as full size pantry. With the right containers it makes opening the cabinet so much more prettier to look at, while keeping the space functional and organized. When I 👀 look at this, it reduces all my anxiety and calms me. I leave you with this beautiful quote from @mariekondo . “Putting your house in order is the magic that creates a vibrant & happy life.” – Marie Kondo #organization #organizationideas #kitchenorganization #organizedkitchen #organizedmom #getorganized #homeorganization #homeorganizer #homeorganizing #organizedhome #organization #organizationideas #kitchenorganization #organizedkitchen #organizedmom #getorganized #homeorganization #organizedlifestyle #homeorganizer #homeorganizing #professionalorganizer #yourlifewellorganized #homedepotcanada #greykitchen #asiankitchen #organizedhome #bedbathandbeyond #cabinetpantry #thelifechangingmagicoftidyingup #tidyingup #gettingorganised #sparkingjoy #greykitchen #kitchengoals #oxocontainers #pantry #oxobetter #reorganizing #oxopopcontainers

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Not everyone has a full pantry space to work with, but organization can make managing a cabinet pantry easier. Consider how you can use containers to maximize space and hang utensils and tools on the doors.

Drawers Can be Pantries, Too

Out of spice cabinet space? Repurpose a shallow drawer where you can lay herbs and spices on their sides.

Ultimate Organic Starter Spice, $54.99 on Amazon

You're going to want spices for your spice cabinet (or drawer).
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Add Some Color

Putting wallpaper or a backsplash in your pantry can add some life and interest. Flowers, wooden shelves, and more offer a style upgrade to what may otherwise be a simply functional space.

Marble House Waterproof Self Adhesive Removable Shelf Paper, $5.99 on Amazon

Make your walls look like marble, or choose another pattern in an easy-cean material.
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Brighten Things Up

Adding bright lighting to your pantry increases visibility so you can more easily find what you’re looking for. If your pantry is short on lighting and you’re hesitant to bring in an electrician, consider stick-up lighting that can be easily added and even set to sense motion and turn on when you open the door.

Install a Ladder

Find yourself constantly using a step stool to reach top shelf items? It might be time to invest in a pantry ladder.

When you’re ready to move on to other areas of your kitchen, check out fridge organizing inspiration, and junk drawer transformations too.

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