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Our Final Meal

Shockingly, Mongolia’s capital delivers some of the best Korean food we’ve ever had. READ MORE

Gravy Makes a World of Difference

After riding on a bus for 12 hours with locals who don’t eat, we finally have some mutton with gravy. READ MORE

Our Car Receives a Mortal Blow

But at least we found a place to eat scrambled eggs. READ MORE

Desperate Enough to Eat Sheep Off the Floor

We choose our restaurant based on which one has a more tasteful window display of bloody animal parts. READ MORE

At Least the Goatherd Liked It

Driving very, very slowly across Mongolia, we eat really bad fish sandwiches and share them with a passing stranger. READ MORE

That Guy Killed Our Dinner!

Sometimes it’s better not to know where your food came from. Particularly when you’ve just lost at arm-wrestling to the man who hunted it down. READ MORE

Nomad Hospitality

It’s fun to party in a yurt, but it’ll cost you. READ MORE

My MacGyver Moment

A caffeine addict will do anything to get his fix—even make coffee with ragged old underwear. READ MORE

Horse Jerky, the Perfect Drunken Food

We miss the Mongolian border crossing and have to dip into our sketchiest dried provision. READ MORE

Kebab-Flavored Snack Food

We’re down to the dregs of our supplies again, after being grossed out by offal in an outdoor market. READ MORE