Pho Ao Sen finished its move from International Boulevard to the former King of Kings spot on 12th Street in Oakland, and nicedragonboy visited to see if one of his favorite Vietnamese restaurants has kept its focus on turning out great chow. Mixing it up with the post-church crowd on a Sunday afternoon, he performed a quality check on his usual rainy-day order: goi cuon (summer rolls) and pho dac biet bo vien (regular beef combo soup with meatballs).

“Goi cuon is a pretty simple Vietnamese appetizer, but you’d be surprised at how many places just don’t get it right,” nicedragonboy says. Yet Pho Ao Sen’s version is “one of the best ones I’ve had that wasn’t made at home. Full and properly rolled with fresh pork and shrimp, and the peanut sauce was nicely balanced.”

The pho was also just right—it’s nicedragonboy’s favorite in the area, and he was pleased to find that after the move, the quality remains the same.

Pho Ao Sen [East Bay]
1139 E. 12th Street, Oakland

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