If your Thanksgiving crowd fights over the crusty edges from a pan of stuffing, a clever solution is to bake individual servings in a muffin tin. John E. uses this method “because I prefer the ratio of crunchy crust to … moist interior.” Another benefit: Each unit is “the perfect serving size,” says LNG212.

Any stuffing recipe will work; just reduce the baking time. These lemony mushroom-and-pine-nut-stuffing muffins were a hit with LNG212, who recommends pressing the filling into the tin to help keep the muffins from falling apart after they’re baked. For extra crispiness, drizzle a little bit of melted butter over the top before they go in the oven, mamachef suggests.

Discuss: Stuffing made in a muffin pan?
STUFFING MUFFINS – anyone tried something like this?

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