It may be true that Baza in Newton is the Russian market to beat, but teezeetoo has nothing but praise for Bazaar’s two locations in Brookline and Allston. teezeetoo likes stocking up on Eastern European specialty items: “Great frozen sour cherries in syrup for baking, excellent feta at $3.69 a pound, dry smoked pork and lovely streaky pork for cooking, and sour cream and butter that is far better and much cheaper than the fancy brands at Whole Foods.”

Bazaar is also Jenny Ondioline‘s first choice for Russian groceries. “I’m always pleasantly surprised by the quality of the herbs,” Jenny Ondioline says. BobB explains that the original Bazaar, which opened in 1982, is on Beacon Street, a few blocks west of Coolidge Corner. The Allston location, which opened in 2004, is larger, but BobB says it “doesn’t seem to have the same buzz to it.”

Bazaar International Gourmet [Brookline]
1432 Beacon Street, Brookline

Bazaar on Cambridge Street [Allston]
424 Cambridge Street, Allston

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