Red cabbage is frequently used in small amounts to add color to coleslaw or green salads, but it’s a lovely vegetable all on its own whether it’s cooked or used as the base of a bright-purple salad.

Many hounds love to braise the cabbage with apples. linguafood suggests making the dish German-style by sautéing chopped onion in lard (or bacon or duck fat), and then adding the shredded vegetable and fruit, cloves, salt, and a bit of water. Cover the mixture and cook until soft, then finish with red wine vinegar. “Great with pork roasts or venison,” says linguafood.

Harters creates a variation on this recipe by adding crushed juniper berries and gin. “I’ve been known to use cranberries instead of the apple,” Harters adds, while coll prepares the dish with red wine, vinegar, broth, and red currant preserves. “The preserves are key,” says coll. EllenMM likes this version, which adds chestnuts.

If you’d prefer to use it raw, wonderwoman recommends a salad of cabbage, fennel, sliced green onions, grated ginger, and chopped hazelnuts dressed with a vinaigrette made of Dijon mustard, cider, sherry or Muscat wine vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper. “I live on this stuff,” says wonderwoman. Or try CHOW’s Cabbage and Carrot Herbed Slaw.

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