The wintertime blahs don’t seem so bad when you think about all the seasonal treats that you can look forward to.

danionavenue has a long list of cold-weather favorites. “I like the fall comfort foods like chili, pot roast, hot dish, hot chocolate, chai tea, pumpkin, apples, butternut squash, eggnog, peppermint bark, candy canes, cranberries, wild rice, stew, venison and duck as I have a lot of hunters in my family. I too love those cherries when they come in.”

PAO‘s beloved winter flavors include “[n]ew apples and homemade apple pie and applesauce, Comice pears, satsuma oranges in December, new citrus in December-January,” and “[h]omemade sukiyaki with matsutake mushrooms.”

spike74 also appreciates the season’s fruits and veggies: “I always look forward to fresh figs in September, October; cherries via South America that arrive for a couple of weeks around December, January.”

For shanagain, it’s about the ambiance—cold weather invites a hot oven. “I enjoy turning my oven on and getting an earthenware bowl warm enough to proof dough, and [then] the smell of various things baking (just made banana bread as a case-in-point) … I look forward to being able to keep something simmering more than anything,” says shanagain.

And despite the lack of “real” winters in Southern California, Will Owen is reminded of the comforts of temperate winters: “You can take the boy out of the Midwest, but you can’t take the Midwest out of the boy, even in sunny SoCal. I can’t go out in the woods and pick REAL persimmons, but I can make a creditable and delicious persimmon pudding from ripe Hachiyas. Not going out and shooting any rabbits, either (and the squirrels around here ain’t worth eating), but I can sure braise a frozen bunny or two. Better yet, it will be chilling enough—in spots—to warrant such cool-weather delights as scalloped potatoes, chicken and dumplings …”

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