LovinYankeeBarbecue is excited about the meat at Coolidge Variety & Deli in Watertown. “I am psyched because it’s so hard to find local meat that’s not frozen” or packaged in Cryovac, he says. This week, LovinYankeeBarbecue picked up beef ribs, brisket, sirloin tips, a T-bone, and a shank—all from a side of halal, grass-fed beef from western Massachusetts.

StriperGuy says he has seen “beautiful” local lamb at Coolidge Variety, and according to LovinYankeeBarbecue, that meat comes from the same farm as the beef he purchased. “I served some relatives a shoulder roast in the summer and they proclaimed it the best lamb they’ve ever had,” says LovinYankeeBarbecue.

Prices at Coolidge Variety & Deli are reasonable, and service is “really friendly,” says bear. “They are happy to cut things to size without extra charge and generally try to be really helpful.”

Coolidge Variety & Deli [Watertown]
4 Bigelow Avenue, Watertown

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