After eating at Legal Harborside for the first time this week, hhookk is “totally obsessed” with the new three-story seafood emporium. He enjoyed an “expertly poured pint of Guinness” with some raw oysters, and also savored some steamers, which were “plump and sweet and dripping with butter.” However, it was an order of bruschetta with braised short rib, fontina, and truffle oil that really won him over.

“This was the best tasting single dish of food I have ever ordered anywhere in my life,” says hhookk. “The perfectly toasted crunchy bread, the falling apart, succulent meat, the creamy smooth melted cheese and the hint of truffle all worked perfectly together. I could not believe how incredibly delicious it was.”

AaronInBoston agrees that Legal Harborside is worth a visit. “Great atmosphere during the summer, and they take reservations as well. Try the housemade hummus for $3.00, really delicious.”

CambridgeFoodie thinks that Legal Harborside is “an excellent example of what can be missed by axiomatically dismissing ‘chain restaurants,'” but StriperGuy advises that the regular branches of Legal Sea Foods are still just as ordinary as ever.

Each floor of Legal Harborside has a different menu and concept. hhookk enjoyed his meal on Floor 1—and according to Legal Harborside’s current online menu, that’s the only floor serving bruschetta at the moment.

Legal Harborside [Fort Point]
270 Northern Avenue (Liberty Wharf), Boston

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