For those just tuning in, rworange is in the process of checking out the chorizo at all the Mexican markets from Richmond to Pinole. Supermercado La Raza is her new fourth-favorite. They sell a mild, medium-grind dry chorizo, with an intense meat flavor and background hints of chili, cinnamon, and vinegar. It has a nice balance of spice, and also of fat–juicy, but not too oily. A pleasant chorizo.

Carniceria La Raza–not to be confused with the aforementioned Supermercado La Raza–also sells dry chorizo, but it looks like a thick, fresh chorizo that’s been preserved by vinegar, not refrigeration. Before cooking, the meat is the orange-red color of winter squash. It’s medium-grind with a good chewiness to it, and mild tastes of cinnamon, chili, and vinegar. This chorizo releases just enough oil to fry some potatoes. Carne seca is also tasty, with a deep roast beef flavor and the vague lingering joy of its lime marinade past. Try it with a squeeze of fresh lime, as recommended by the butcher.

gordon wing likes the mildly-seasoned chorizo from Rincon Latino. It has an enjoyably rough texture, and it’s richer than the chorizo from Carniceria en Valle (currently the favorite of rworange).

Super Mercado La Raza [East Bay]
705 23rd St., Richmond

Carniceria La Raza [East Bay]
2131 Macdonald Ave., 22nd St., Richmond

Rincon Latino [East Bay]
12851 San Pablo Ave., Richmond

Carneceria en Valle [East Bay]
in Valley Produce Market
1588 San Pablo Ave., Pinole

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