Much to the sorrow of local devotees, Tigeorges’ Chicken burned down a couple years back. It reopened about 10 months ago, but this event initially slipped under the collective Chowhound radar.

But now everyone’s abuzz about the new Tigeorges’, which is bigger and better than ever, says Hershey Bomar.

The signature dish of Haitian chicken features a gorgeously smoky bird. Contrary to some expectations, the restaurant has nothing to do with Jamaican-style jerk chicken. Instead, Tigeorges’ serves birds that are reminiscent of Peruvian rotisserie and that are deeply infused with avocado wood smoke and topped with garlicky Ti Malis sauce.

And it’s a cozy lunch spot. “The owner George [Laguerre] takes your order and is very proud of his little place,” says Hershey Bomar.

There’s also a tasty vanilla lemonade, and the café au lait is made from coffee beans harvested from Laguerre’s Haitian plantation.

Tigeorges’ Chicken [Echo Park]
307 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles

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