What’s the best goody you’ve ever received while trick-or-treating?

“Caramel apples,” says Robinez. “We made sure to go to Mrs. Kight’s house first so we wouldn’t miss out. They were so good that many times we took a couple bites before moving on. They were the best caramel apples ever … memories make things taste better sometimes.”

Brianne920 fondly remembers getting “popcorn hands.” “[T]ake a plastic food service glove (clear, obviously unused), drop a candy corn in each finger as a ‘fingernail,’ then stuff the glove with caramel popcorn. Glorious,” she says.

JMF loved the sugary thrills that came with Halloween. “My trick or treating was [done] during the early to mid 70’s,” JMF says, “by the late 70’s it was shaving cream and egging fights and chugging beers. But during the peak, my favs were Sixlets, SweeTarts, Butterfingers, candy necklaces, soda caps, Fizzies, the original Chunky before they dumbed down the recipe, and we had an English neighbor who gave some of us boxes of English style Jell-O mix. Not a powder, but a super thick, rubbery and tough, Jell-O concentrate that you were supposed to add boiling water to, to melt it and make Jell-O. But we ate the blocks as is. They were about 2×3″ and 3/4″ … very tasty, imagine super concentrated, high quality Jell-O that you had to chew and chew to dissolve in your mouth.”

meatn3 shares this reminiscence about candy treats: “Just remembered—the best was one year when I received one of those stretchy necklaces strung with a SweeTart sort of candy. I loved those! I can’t believe how excited I got when I remembered that—started smiling and typing very fast! Now I’m worried I might actually be a cheap date…”

And Veggo‘s sweetest Halloween memory doesn’t just involve treats. “A nice widow who owned the Chatterton mill in CT always gave the industrial sized Hershey bars,” Veggo says. “Mrs. Harris was classy, in many ways. She let us play hockey on her pond, when the ice was thick enough. Her pond was the last to freeze because it was very deep and had a dam and spillway and a gristmill way down below in all that steamy roar of the waterfall.”

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