The humble turnip is the underdog of root vegetables. Though it’s often shunned by cooks and diners, hounds have their favorite ways to prepare them.

Mashing is a popular treatment. A combo of turnips and potatoes is classic, which is also known (in Scottish parlance) as clapshot or tatties and neeps, says calliope_nh, who likes to add carrots. Or try CHOW’s Turnip and Pear Purée.

They’re also terrific cubed and roasted, or in soupErnieD likes this creamy turnip soup with carrot julienne.

There are plenty of traditional preps, too. “Hillbillies like myself peel and chop our turnips however we want, put them in a pan, cover them with water,” and boil them until tender, says MellieMag. “Season with bacon grease, salt, and pepper. Put in bowl, put vinegar on top, and eat with a hunk of cornbread.”

Brovada “is like the Northern Italian (actually Friulan) version of saurkraut,” says icey. To prepare it, peel and grate turnips and refrigerate overnight covered in red wine vinegar. The next day, sauté a thinly sliced onion in olive oil, add the drained turnips to the pan, and let it all cook down for about an hour, adding a bit of water if the mixture starts to dry out. Traditionally, this is served with cotecchino, a rich pork sausage, says icey.

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