There are two steps to makin’ bacon. The first is easy: Rub a cure (a mixture of salt and sugar) on some pork belly and forget about it for a week. After that, you have to smoke the pork for it to taste like bacon. Typically, you’d need a smoker and the outdoor space to use it. But CHOW shows you how to make an indoor smoker by simply using a roasting pan, a roasting rack, aluminum foil, and wood chips—see our Oven-Smoked Bacon recipe for all the details. Our homemade bacon is great on a breakfast plate, but we’ve also developed three over-the-top recipes to let it shine in all its salty, smoky splendor. Try it in our sweet-savory sticky buns, club sandwich with bacon-fat mayonnaise, and oversized ravioli covered in a bacon-sage-butter sauce.

Oven-Smoked BaconOven-Smoked Bacon

Triple-Pork Club SandwichTriple-Pork Club Sandwich

Bacon-Maple Sticky BunsBacon-Maple Sticky Buns

Egg Yolk Ravioli (Uova da Raviolo) with Bacon-Sage SauceEgg Yolk Ravioli (Uova da Raviolo) with Bacon-Sage Sauce

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