Chowhounds sure do adore a good, creamy Greek yogurt. They’ll eat it with fruit or granola for breakfast, or just drizzled with honey. But it also plays a starring role in many kitchens outside of breakfast time.

In fact, it’s stealthily swapped into a number of dishes. “Any recipe calling for sour cream can be substituted with Greek yogurt so I’ve been using it for some time in pancakes, cakes, tea breads, cheesecake, dips, marinades, etc.,” says HillJ. It’s also a good substitute for mayonnaise when making deviled eggs and salads. iheartcooking suggests replacing three-fourths of the mayo in chicken salad with tangy Greek yogurt, which “really brings all the flavors together in harmony!”

Its versatility shouldn’t be underestimated. luciaannek uses Greek yogurt in salad dressings to make them creamy and tart, or mixes in herbs or spices and olive oil to make a quick sauce. katecm makes a spicy sauce for grilled meats by stirring harissa into the yogurt. Or do as mojoeater does and add it to just about everything: “Mix it with Sriracha and serve with eggs, on any Mexican dish, as a dip, whatever! I put a dollop in a bowl of butternut squash soup last night.”

And then there’s dessert. “If you combine frozen berries, a bit of sugar and some yogurt in the blender you will end up with something between soft-serve and regular ice cream in texture. Yum,” says CanadaGirl.

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