Kamdesh Afghan Kabab House was a welcome addition to Oakland’s Chinatown, but among early visitors, opinions are divided.

“Good, not great,” says Martin Strell, who liked the mint yogurt drink and the ground chicken kebab served with cumin-infused rice, but who wasn’t impressed by the reheated Afghan naan. 10foot5 agrees, and says that though the salad that accompanied the meal was nice, the lamb shank dish was just so-so and the flatbread was “Wonder Bread-esque.” “I was hoping it would be better,” 10foot5 says of the food at Kamdesh.

But CarrieWas218 stands up for the newcomer, saying the lamb was fall-off-the-bone tender and that she liked that raisins and carrots were mixed into the rice. Appetizers were another hit: She enjoyed both the eggplant with yogurt and the meat dumplings with peas.

For jan_b it was the simple dishes that scored big, including basmati rice and the grilled half tomato that arrived as a side dish with the kebabs. “Normally, a grilled tomato would hardly be worth mentioning, but they do something wonderful to that tomato!”

Kamdesh Afghan Kabab House [East Bay]
346 14th Street, Oakland

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