Chowhounds like hand-dipped corn dogs. Every Chowhound. Even a vegan hound, upon hearing about made-to-order, freshly fried corn dogs, will begin to hope in their inner hearts that tofu pups are available. Uncle Bill’s Gourmet Corn Dogs fries your choice of a Foster Farms chicken frank or a Farmlands hot link, dipped in thick corn batter, until golden brown and crunchy–and they’ll even fry to your specification, light or dark. Melanie Wong likes the Cajun corn dog–a dipped hot link–especially with a little mustard. It’s fantastic how the hot, red grease from the sausage soaks into the corn crust.

The line is long but it’s completely worth it.

Uncle Bill’s sells at the Windsor farmers’ market, Thursdays, 5-8 p.m. and the Sonoma farmers’ market, Tuesday, 5:30 p.m. till dusk.

Uncle Bill’s Gourmet Corn Dogs [Sonoma County]
P.O. Box 3, El Verano

Windsor Farmers’ Market [Sonoma County]
Windsor Town Green
Bell Rd. and Old Redwood Hwy., Windsor

Sonoma Farmers’ Market [Sonoma County]
Sonoma Plaza
W.Napa St. and Broadway, Sonoma

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Uncle Bill’s Gourmet Corn Dogs

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