Bakeries are rolling out their holiday challah just in time for the Jewish New Year, and hounds are happy to see the traditional bread come in a variety of flavors.

rworange spied plain, poppy seed, and raisin challah on sale at The Cheese Board Collective in Berkeley.

On the Peninsula, artemis likes the offerings at Draeger’s stores, where the round loaves are available in sesame, raisin, mixed fruits, plain, and poppy seed. “Draeger’s makes our favorite regular challah so I have high hopes for this one, too,” artemis says.

And ML8000 swears by Semifreddi’s version of the traditional holiday bread, which can be found at most grocers throughout the Bay Area.

The Cheese Board Collective [East Bay]
1504 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

Draeger’s Market
Multiple locations

Semifreddi’s Handcrafted Bread & Pastries
Multiple locations

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