Among the heavy hitters that usually make their way into the perennial debate over who serves up San Francisco’s best pizza, Caffè BaoNecci in North Beach isn’t a name that often comes up. After all, this family-run trattoria doesn’t run an eponymous pizza-making school, and you won’t see any glossy magazine articles about the oven having been imported from an obscure Italian village. Yet for some, this is the home of San Francisco’s best pie.

“Admittedly, I haven’t had pizza from every restaurant in San Francisco,” says yanks26dmb, “but this place is unbelievable. Italian-style pies with some of the best mascarpone I’ve ever tasted.”

“I think we’ve been four times on our trips and it’s always excellent,” says grayelf. “To my taste, the best pizza I’ve tried and completely pretention free, which is a bonus.”

Caffè BaoNecci even impresses a true aficionado. “My long search for local Roman-style pizza is over,” declares professional pizza opinionator Robert Lauriston, “… very thin crust, quality tomato sauce and mozzarella, small enough that each person could eat one.”

In addition to stellar pizza, word is Caffè BaoNecci also turns out a fine hot cross bun.

Caffè BaoNecci [North Beach]
516 Green Street, San Francisco

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