Responding to a call for reports on Brunch Drunk Love, the brunch-only, weekend-only restaurant that recently opened in the Bruno’s space on Mission Street, KitchenBeard reports being “pleasantly surprised” by the food and service. For KitchenBeard, Brunch Drunk Love’s biggest hits were the Bloody Mary, tarragon lemonade, cornbread, and “phenomenal” candied bacon.

But what of San Francisco’s most famous (or infamous, according to this Bay Citizen/New York Times article) drunk brunch: Lime in the Castro, of bottomless mimosa fame, where you can see club kids still in their latex pants and glitter eyelashes from the night before? In a 2008 thread, barndog warned folks to “bring earplugs (the music is deafening) and be prepared to wait a very long time. Personally, I felt it was way too much of a scene, and not worth it.”

Brunch Drunk Love [Mission District]
2389 Mission Street, San Francisco

Lime [Castro]
2247 Market Street, San Francisco

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