Oh me, oh my, people really got upset about the article we published Monday about the “10 College Towns with the Worst Food,” a piece that we admitted right in the intro was sloppily researched on the Internet, for snark’s sake. Now, we don’t usually reprint letters to the editor since we don’t have a section on our site for such a thing, as a newspaper would. But there were so many good suggestions for where to eat in the “worst” towns that we couldn’t let that pass.

Here are the towns with passionate defenders, and the local spots they think are worth visiting. And because we couldn’t resist, we rated each letter or comment’s vitriol from 1 (neutral) to 10 (chemical burn) based on the words contained therein.

Gainesville was the most vociferously defended town, with numerous comments and one 1,225-word letter to the editor. People love Gainesville!

“Ms. Slaton’s article has done more than make her ridiculous; it has reflected back on your website as a whole and the quality of information you put forth,” says the writer of the long, long letter to the editor, who enjoys Reggae Shack, Harry’s, and Boca Fiesta.

Vitriol level: abomination + personally offended + atrociously + God-given truth + minimum-wage-intern-writers staff = 9

“You are clearly wrong about Gainesville. You say you graduated from here? I thought we trained our journalists better than this,” says eaeveritt, who recommends Flaco’s Cuban Bakery & Coffee Spot, Leonardo’s 706, Mi Apa Latin Cafe, Top, and Dragonfly.

Vitriol level: ridiculous + HATE + wrong = 3

“Something tells me you were one of the kids in G-ville pissed off on Saturdays because football games interrupted your sulking walk to the common grounds,” says sturdytable, who likes Hogan’s and Satchel’s Pizza.

Vitriol level: unfair + pissed off = 2

After Gainesville, the most defended place was College Station, Texas.

“You clearly have not been to College Station, as mentioned by many commenters. I currently live in Paris, have traveled to or lived in many major cities in the U.S. and Europe, eaten at many fine dining restaurants, and find that Aggieland has more charm than many of these places,” says Anonymous13, who recommends The Republic, Cenare, and Sweet Eugene’s House of Java.

Vitriol level: bashing + charmless = 2

“College Station, Texas has more to offer than what is mentioned above,” says jdiguardi, who recommends Koppe Bridge, Christopher’s World Grille, Chicken Oil Co, and Mr. G’s.

Vitriol level: more + just = 1

“I think our selection of eating establishments is great! The only problem is the lines you have to wait in in order to go to them!” says lstallings, who likes Veritas Wine and Bistro, La Bodega, and Freebirds World Burrito.

Vitriol level: great + Aggies = 1

“You clearly didn’t do ANY research on this article except to look up an idiot local food blogger,” says Packattack, who likes Gratziano’s Restaurant, The Elite, and Baris.

Vitriol level: ANY + idiot = 2

DLMC says, “Not fine dining by any means, but good food all around” at Dreamland Bar-B-Que.

Vitriol level: good + great = 1

“Do internet reporters have to actually do any research other than Google?” asks ThatOtherGuy, who likes Rabb’s Steak House.

Vitriol level: “internet reporters” = 3

No one at all wrote in to defend Muncie or Augusta. I guess they’ve conceded?

Image source: Flickr member StuSeeger under Creative Commons

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