Hounds looking for premium tofu in Boston have several local choices.

Many recommend the tofu from Chang Shing in Cambridge. It is sold in green plastic tubs at many local stores, including the large Asian markets, but L2k says you can also buy it directly at the source if you know what you want. Baiye also likes the soy milk from Chang Shing, and while he thinks the tofu is excellent, he warns that even the firm tofu breaks easily.

Another local option is the 21st Century brand, available at Harvest Co-op and Russo’s. Moopheus says that this brand is a bit firmer, and Baiye likes the “beautiful, creamy flavor.”

To find out what other brands of tofu hounds are buying, check out the full thread.

Chang Shing Tofu Inc. [East Cambridge]
37 Rogers Street, Cambridge

Harvest Co-op [Central Square]
581 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Russo’s [MetroWest]
560 Pleasant Street, Watertown

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