Fat Spoon clearly has the best Japanese curry in downtown, says thestratbrat. The other places all use mixes, but this curry is made in-house. Dommy is a self-confessed Japanese curry fiend. She attests that “the curry was truly house-made. It had a great texture, great flavor. They had all the right condiments, the rice was delicious.” It is perhaps her second-favorite Japanese curry in the greater Los Angeles sprawl.

The mini corn dogs are “EXCELLENT,” says Dommy,” with “a GENIUS use of those snappy little Japanese sausages.” The dish comes with curry-spiked ketchup.

Katsu pork is just all right. Though the sauce has a lot of depth, the meat is mediocre, says Johnny L. But the curry pan—curry-stuffed bread—is definitely worth trying. “At $2 it’s well-priced too, considering in the San Gabriel Valley you will pay $1.60ish apiece at Chinese bakeries and their curry fillings really suck for the most part.”

You should also ignore J. Gold’s advice and try the tarako pasta (spaghetti with cod roe and seaweed), says thestratbrat. It’s quite tasty. And, says thestratbrat, this is probably the least you’ll pay to taste anything affiliated with Chef Michael Cardenas.

Fat Spoon [Downtown]
329 E. First Street, Los Angeles

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