There is a popular idea out there that climate change is a scam. The scam works like this: Scientists make up a bunch of research about the state of the world in order to obtain more grant money in order to invent more lies. The victims: helpless corporations, which would be forced to spend their last dollars polluting a little bit less. The winners: evil scheming scientists.

A new wrench in this already-not-entirely-logical idea: Wine regions are beginning to experience profound change. As detailed in a fascinating BBC travel story, studies indicate that the Napa Valley and Tuscany are going to take some big (possibly huge) hits to their productivity and quality over the next 30 years as temperatures and rain intensity increase. Meanwhile, not-normally-wine-powerhouses including Britain and Scandinavia are positioned to begin doing much better; English wineries are already starting to boom.

As evidence of global warming goes, it’s not bulletproof unto itself, but it’s not real reassuring, either.

Image source: Kent Sorensen/Shutterstock

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