A year-old deli tucked in the Bait Shop Market in Sausalito caught the eye of rworange, who approves of the creative sandwiches made mostly with local organic ingredients like Giusto’s flour and Pacific Sun olive oil.

The Davey Jones Deli, a takeout-only spot, features a “whim of the day”—a dish made from local ingredients available that day—and house-made baked goods like chocolate cake and apple crisp.

While hiding out in a houseboat parking lot with her to-go order, our reporter sampled widely from the menu. She gives the thumbs-up to the moist, thick hand-carved turkey in the “Holiday” sandwich, which also includes cranberry compote, almonds, cheddar, and a fennel pickle. The lentil and summer berry sandwich was another winner, with complex spicing that paired well with the juicy berries.

Davey Jones Deli [North Bay]
1 Gate 6 Road, Sausalito

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