Say granola and you think, “Oats.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s our take on granola using rolled versions of more unusual grains: rye, kamut, barley, and spelt. Each recipe highlights the unique flavor and texture of the respective grain. For instance, we paired spelt with coconut and tropical dried fruit since it develops a naturally coconutty flavor when you toast it. The malty, toasty flavors of barley were great with maple syrup. And we even threw in a savory rye granola to use as a crunchy topper for soups or salads.

Dried Apricot and Kamut GranolaDried Apricot and Kamut Granola

Tropical Spelt GranolaTropical Spelt Granola

Savory Pumpkin Seed and Rye GranolaSavory Pumpkin Seed and Rye Granola

Maple, Barley, and Wheat GranolaMaple, Barley, and Wheat Granola

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