While there is plenty of advice available on how to more easily peel hard-boiled eggs, starkoch says the real secret to easy-peeling eggs is not to boil them at all, but to steam them. Put eggs in a steamer insert over boiling water, cover, steam for about 15 minutes, then cool in ice water and peel.

“I tried this with 4 old eggs (2 weeks after I bought them at a grocery store) and 4 straight-from-the-farmer eggs and compared it to my traditional egg boiling technique (let eggs reach a boil, cover and let sit for 10 minutes) and the results were mixed,” says momskitchen. “The older eggs were much easier to peel than the farm-fresh eggs after steaming. Both old and fresh eggs were easier to peel after steaming instead of boiling, however.”

When she experimented with steaming eggs, saltwater found that “the peel almost jumped off the egg after some judicious tapping.” Inspired by these reports, “I have started steaming my eggs,” says luckyfatima. “They peel so easily. I have never experienced easy peeling before.”

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