Snails: yay or nay? “The only snails I’ve seen in New Zealand are canned,” says pippimac. “When they’re on the menu, there’s always someting I like the sound of better than the generic snails-butter-garlic-parsley. So if they were fresh and interesting, I’d be really keen to eat them.” “I’m with you on being hesitant with canned ones,” says sunshine842. “My experience has been that they’re pretty rubbery and not very flavorful. Fresh or fresh-frozen are an entirely different thing, however.”

“Let’s be honest, you could put a lot of disgusting things in the garlic butter that usually accompanies escargot and it would taste good,” says MyNameIsTerry. “Having said that, I like escargot.” BobB says, “I like, not love, classic escargot. What I love is a snail dish that’s a common bar snack in the Lisbon area of Portugal. They take little garden snails, only 1 or 2 cm in diameter, and cook them in a seasoned, well-salted broth. You get a bowlful of them accompanied by a wine cork with some common pins stuck into it—the pins are used to extract the snails from their shells. Delicious!”

And a tip from hill food: “If faced with canned, blanch them briefly in white wine and prepare away as normal. It’s not perfect and won’t compare to fresh, but it does a great deal to revive them.”

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