Zabb Elee, the East Village Thai spot whose Chowhound buzz we mentioned in April, is now the topic of a veritable superthread, 126 comments long and counting. Comments range from what not to miss on the menu to what to avoid. But it’s hard to deny that a certain backlash has started. When it opened, hounds like robert goulet declared Zabb to be “quietly serving the best Thai food in Manhattan, and easily some of the best in the New York City area. I have spent a lot of time in Northern Thailand and Laos, I have been blown away by the quality of the food at this place.” But now hounds like Ianky Fool are countering with comments like: “It is DEFINITELY not the best Thai in nyc…” Bob Martinez says his kai yang—grilled chicken—was room temperature and dry, and even posted a photo of a pork dish he says was overcooked. Michelleats corroborated the uneven cooking in the kitchen—kai yang on one visit was “very moist and really pretty much perfect. The second time, I also found it to be unpleasantly dry.” But she counters with: “I think it is much better than Sripraphai, currently.”

Everyone else? Is Zabb Elee still wonderful, or is it—gasp!—going downhill from its early days of glory?

Zabb Elee [East Village]
75 2nd Avenue, Manhattan

Discuss: Zaab-Elee, new Thai in the east village, now the best Thai in NYC, perhaps.

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