You can get customized ice cream cakes at Sketch Ice, but put yourself in the chef’s hands and you may get something like the meringue-frosted olallieberry temple of beauty Morton the Mousse is raving over. This “chef’s choice” cake features seasonal olallieberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and Straus yogurt ice cream, layered with vanilla cake. The meringue frosting is hard to believe–not the tasteless, soggy horror you may associate with, for example, Marie Calendar’s. The texture and taste are reminiscent of a barely-toasted marshmallow, but less sticky and less sweet, frozen perfectly firm. This may be the best cake Morton has ever eaten. He even learned how to post pictures on Chowhound because he feels that mere words don’t do it justice. It costs $45 and probably should feed nine…but in real life, it dangerously overfeeds six. All ice cream cakes are made to order and must be ordered two days in advance (they come in two larger sizes, too).

Sketch Ice Cream [East Bay]
1809A Fourth St., Berkeley

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