Cracker Jack debuted at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, and a few years later it had moved into the ballpark as a concession selling for five cents. We can’t say whether the snack’s century-long run is because of that association with America’s favorite pastime—cemented in “Take Me Out

to the Ball Game”—or the once-cool prizes in every box. But we can say that the molasses-y, caramel-coated popcorn-and-peanut treat is delicious. So next time your home team is on the road, try making CHOW’s Cracky Snack recipe for yourself. There may not be a prize inside, but our cool serving cone will impress your buddies or Little Leaguers, and you can munch away while watching the game from the couch.

Want more Cracker Jack? Read up on its history, or check out our interview with Jim Davis about his collection of antique Cracker Jack prizes.

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