At the Torrance branch of izakaya favorite Musha, NorCal hound Melanie Wong was blown away by a bizarro Japanese bar-food take on Italian food: their cheese risotto. It’s brown rice cooked with chicken broth, pan-fried with bacon and heavy cream, then served in a cheese bowl. That is, a bowl made of cheese.

“Somehow reading the words ‘served in a whole cheese bowl’ failed to convey to me the true image of how this dish would be served,” says Melanie. “The cheese risotto was presented at tableside in a ginormous hollowed-out wedge of Parmigiano Reggiano. Scraped and stirred, then transferred to a smaller plate.”

The result is delicious. “The heavy cream and smoky bacon represented everything I detest about overloaded risotto preps, but OMG, this was tasty,” says Melanie. “We almost ordered another one.”

“It is so smoky and delicious,” agrees elnora. “And I love the chewiness of the brown rice, it really adds to the texture.”

Musha [South Bay]
1725 Carson Street, Suite B, Torrance

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