Because a town with merely one truck serving Vietnamese sandwiches would be dreary and provincial, hounds were pleased to welcome Nom Nom, a Los Angeles–based concern that has made its way up to San Francisco.

How does Nom Nom’s sandwich stack up against Little Green Cyclo’s, the other local banh mi truck?

On the cost front, LGC is a clear winner: Its meat-filled roll comes in at a full $2 less than Nom Nom’s $7 sandwich (though neither are bargains compared to sandwiches at brick-and-mortar shops). soupçon found the grilled pork banh mi at Nom Nom a little bland (though its truck had the longest lines at a recent Off the Grid event in the Upper Haight).

A 2010 report on Little Green Cyclo praised the thin, crisp crust of its baguettes and the generous fillings.

Nom Nom [Mobile]

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Little Green Cyclo [Mobile]
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Little Green Cyclo Vietnamese food truck

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