Ayran, a Turkish yogurt drink, is perfect for hot weather, thinks linguafood. “It’s hugely popular in Berlin thanks to the large Turkish population, and ridiculously refreshing and satisfying,” she says. Making it is as simple as whisking (or blending) together a pint of yogurt with a pint of water and salt to taste, plus chopped mint leaves. Serve chilled or over ice. “You can add finely chopped cucumber and this is really refreshing,” says jazk42.

“Salted and or seasoned buttermilk or yoghurt drinks are imbibed throughout the Middle East, and West and South Asia,” says luckyfatima. “In some places, people break their [Ramadan] fasts with the refreshing, probiotic drink. As I lived in the Middle East for many years, I have seen many versions of this type of beverage, including commercially marketed forms. I must say that homemade is the most delicious, hands down.”

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