Will you eat “dang near anything,” as FoodFuser puts it? What experiences bring you to the limit of your food tolerance? For FoodFuser, “it was in Japan, presented with baby octopi, where first slurp was a chopstick piercing of bulbous cephalum, followed by sucking of brains. That one almost got me.”

“Street vendor sea urchin in Beijing,” says RealMenJulienne. “It gets fried in recycled oil on a scrapwood-heated griddle, then they cleaver it in half and you scoop out the guts like a soft boiled egg. It tastes like the ugliest fish in the ocean ate an even uglier fish, took a dump on the bottom of the sea, and now you’re putting it in your mouth.”

For ipsedixit, it’s three things: balut (a fertilized duck egg with a fetus inside), beetles, and snake’s blood. Says JungMann: “I was lucky enough to grow up in a multicultural Asian home. Balut was an afternoon snack. Lamb brains were a favorite curried with eggs and parathas. Dinuguan with tripe is still one of my favorite meals. But just because I’ve eaten crickets doesn’t mean I care for them. Certainly not when their wings get stuck in my teeth.”

But escondido123 manages to top all these. “I ate a ‘lasagna’ my sister made using no-fat cottage cheese, tofu mozzarella, canned spaghetti sauce, wonton skins, and Asiago cheese. Talk about going to the edge.”

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