“The best indoor market I’ve ever been to is absolutely the Mercato Centrale in Florence, Italy,” says woodleyparkhound. “It’s huge, and they sell the best quality ANYTHING you need to cook the best Italian food of your life. I’ve never since gotten better mascarpone than I bought there. Downstairs are aisles of stalls selling cheeses, meats, homemade pastas etc. Upstairs is an acre of produce—unbelievable.”

velochic‘s favorite markets are in Istanbul—not any one in particular, but the feel of them in general. “This is where my husband is from and when we go back to visit his family, I THOROUGHLY enjoy shopping at the fish, spice, cheese, and produce markets. We go out [in the] morning, as the fishermen are bringing in their catches and pick out the fish we will eat that evening… as they are still swimming around, happily oblivious of their fate. The spices are so amazing.”

“We had the chance to visit the English Market in Cork and absolutely loved it,” says Rick. “Had a really fun time talking with and sampling from one vendor, selling us very high quality cured meats and cheeses. The olives were unexpectedly amazing, and the cured and smoked fish was fantastic. I remember fondly smoked eel, small anchovies wrapped around olives on toothpicks, smoked mussels, and my favorite the smoked haddock. Good bread too! We loaded up at that market and had two or three meals of what we called ‘trunk lid picnics’!”

Discuss: best or favourite market in the world?

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