If you’re a fan of the spicy-sour fermented pickle known as kimchi (or kimchee) but have stuck to picking it up at the Korean market, Chowhounds promise that making it at home is straightforward and the results wonderful. Homemade kimchi is “so easy, tasty, satisfying, and inexpensive,” says DuchessNukem.

shrimp13 tried CHOW’s Basic Napa Cabbage Kimchi and was “astonished with how well it worked out. My five-year-old and I made it. It was completely convincing and fun and way cheaper than buying it made.”

Sal Vanilla used this recipe and video demonstration. “It came out great,” she says. “Do one and see how it turns out and then you can start tinkering with the next batch. It is not messy. It is not hard.”

“After the first batch came out successful, I started experimenting with other vegetables,” says soypower. “I’ve made kimchee now using squash, leeks, kale, peppers, and anything else that looks good at the market. After you get the basics down, it starts to get fun.”

DuchessNukem came up with an ingenious use for kimchi: “I threw some into the dehydrator. Some I left intact and the rest I ran through the food processor and spread as a paste on the sheets. Now I have a crunchy hot snack and kimchee powder/flake that will be seasoning everything I can think of.” Hey, and once you’ve made your first batch, you can use it in these CHOW recipes incorporating kimchi.

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