jcess7 sums up Porter Cafe’s charms aptly: “A good fit for what West Roxbury was lacking, a small neighborhood ‘bistro style’ bar, with cozy atmosphere and a much more interesting beer selection than other WR bars.” It’s so new that the bar didn’t even have a printed beer list when jcess7 visited early in June. But there are still plenty of indications that the place will be a draw for local beer-lovers, with tap brands including Jack D’Or from local “gypsy” brewers Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, and Harpoon’s 100 Barrel beers. There’s also PBR on tap, for you down-market types.

The food is solid in that “stuff to have with beer” way. jcess7 had “plump, sweet and perfectly cooked” mussels; sallyt‘s hubby had an A-minus steak with A-plus frites, and sally got a C-minus veggie risotto. bostondiner commends the burger and the grilled chicken salad, the latter “perfectly dressed and the chicken was tender and plentiful.” On a later visit, fish tacos and oysters were delightful, particularly with a basket of fries shared by the table. bostondiner is already planning another visit for more of those fries.

Porter Cafe [West Roxbury]
1723 Centre Street, Boston

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