The gelato at La Cremeria has besotted hounds searching far and wide for comparisons—and finding them in Italy. “This was the best gelato I have ever had, anywhere, including Italy,” declares Chuck Lawrence. “This place leaves Il Laboratorio del Gelato and L’Arte del Gelato (two places I really enjoy) in the dust.”

Flavors are deep and true, which tells OC Mutt that “this is made from the real stuff by a master,” and in fact the shop’s Bolognese owner reportedly uses only Italian ingredients. “The pistachio had a hue and a taste that just screamed out that it was made with actual pistachios,” OC Mutt adds, “and it was also full and bold.” Other winning choices include hazelnut, dark chocolate, coffee, mascarpone-chocolate, and chocolate­-dusted tiramisu (“a delightful symphony of flavors,” says Chuck). As good as the flavors are, fans are just as taken by the irresistibly creamy consistency. “It had a texture smooth as silk,” OC Mutt says, and “it was the perfect temperature—so soft it was almost runny yet miraculously it didn’t seem to melt fast, it just stayed that way.” Not for long, though.

La Cremeria [Little Italy]
178 Mulberry Street (between Broome and Kenmare streets), Manhattan

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