While there’s still good corn to be had this summer, here are some hounds’ methods for getting it shucked cleanly.

JoanN suggests: pull back all the husk and snap off at the base. Rub the ear in a circular motion under cold running water to remove the silk.

SarahEats’s method: after the husk has been removed, use a soft vegetable brush to get rid of the silk.

Candy says: cut the tip of the ear and the bottom off with a sharp knife, before shucking. Remove the husk, and there’ll be very little silk left. A quick brushing will remove the rest.

Lstaff says: rub the cob with a paper towel to remove any leftover silk.

Grilling corn provides its own solution, says CovertOps. Soak the unhusked corn in water. Cook the corn over high heat on a grill. The heat will dry out the silk, which will comes off easily when you peel off the husks.

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